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Neftyanaya Provintsiya No.4(28),2021
Part 2

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Part 1, Special issue
 by materials of Tyumen Oil Research Centre LLC 

Part 2

Date of publication: 30 Dec. 2021​   ​Amount of data: 30,0 МB

Part 2

Synthetic water-hydrocarbon inclusions in quartz, as evidence of the possibility of oil and gas formation in the process of interaction of bituminous rocks with hydrothermal solutions

V.S. Balitsky, I.N. Plotnikova, E.D. Balitskaya, J. Pironon, O. Barres, S.V. Penteley, T.V. Setkova, M.A. Golunova, T.M. Bublikova, L.V. Balitskaya, S.M. Petrov, A.I. Lakhova

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25689/NP.2021.4.293-326


Development and selection of optimal cement designs for water shutoff jobs

I.G. Fattakhov, Z.A. Garifullina, A.S. Zhirkeev, A.K. Sakhapova, R.R. Khusnutdinova

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25689/NP.2021.4.492-507


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