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Yatskanich I.M., Kaydalina T.E., Kiselev A.N., Malysheva T.M.



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Seismic-geological approach has been applied in this study for detailed description of the internal structure of PK1 reservoir. During the first stage, well logging and core data were used to create a conceptual depositional model for the Cenomanian deposits in the region of interest. Individual units were identified within the Cenomanian sediments (PK1-1, PK1-2, PK1-3, PK1-4, and PK1-5) as well as their confinedness to facies environments: coastal-marine, tidal and continental. The study involved rock typing of the units associated with continental environment and ranking in terms of their production potential. Based on qualitative seismic attributes, channels were mapped within the middle and lower zones of the reservoir section (PK1-3, PK1-4, PK1-5 units). Comparative analysis of channel deposits distribution according to seismic surveys and well logging was performed. Optimistic and pessimistic geological models were built, risks of water front breakthrough were assessed.

Key words:

Kharampurskoye field, PK1 reservoir, facies environment, geological and reservoir simulation model, development



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Kaydalina T.E., LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

Kiselev A.N., LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

Malysheva T.M. LLC «Tyumen Petroleum Research Center», Tyumen, Russian Federation E-mail:

For citation:

I.M. Yatskanich, T.E. Kaydalina, A.N. Kiselev, T.M. Malysheva Osobennosti geologicheskogo stroenija plasta pk1 harampurskogo neftegazokondensatnogo mestorozhdenija [Geological aspects of pk1 reservoir of kharampurskoye oil-gas condensate field]. Neftyanaya Provintsiya, No. 3(19), 2019. pp. 29-43. (in Russian)